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03_日常 (Daily Life)

Wonderful Japan : Echigoyuzawa station (Niigata Prefecture)/越後湯沢駅(新潟県)

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English Article

This is an article to introduce nice places in Japan. Today I will write about “Echigoyuzawa“.

Prefecture : Niigata
City(District) : Minamiuonuma
Station : Echigoyuzawa (JR line)


This place is about 1.5 hour from Tokyo station using express train. And it is a famous place for winter sports such as Ski & Snowboard. There are many Ski area & hot springs in Niigata prefecture, and Echigoyuzawa is one of those area in Niigata.
I will introduce “Naeba Ski Resort” which is one of the Ski place in Echigoyuzawa.

“Naeba Ski Resort”


Bus Time Table
From Echigoyuzawa Station > To Naeba Prince Hotel
Time Table

This hotel is directly connected to Naeba Ski area & we can rent Ski & Snowboard material inside the hotel, so people who stay in the hotel could start Skiing very quickly. Also the special point is that we can do Ski in May (during GW 28th APR~6th MAY). Usually, ski resorts are not opened in May, so this is very rare and special.

But 1 point we need to be careful is that we can not borrow goggles so we need to bring our own (other items are all available except goggles). Since the sun is very strong in May, we need to take care of our skin to avoid sun burn.

Figure1 : Naeba Ski area in May

Sake Museum “Ponshu-Kan”
Inside Echigoyuzawa station, there is a Sake Museum called “Ponshu-Kan” and we can do tasting of various kinds of sake.
Fee is 500 Yen & we get 5 coins which can be used to get sake. Most of the sake is 1 coin for cup, but some of the sake such as “Dai-Ginjyo” (top-quality sake brewed from rice grains milled to 50% or less of their weight) requires 3 coins per cup.

We can also do tasting of many kinds of salts.

Thanks for Visiting!!

-03_日常 (Daily Life)



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