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Introduction of “Tsujihan” a delicious seafood don restaurant in Kagurazaka area

2019/07/15   -日常 (Daily Life)

(0)Index (1) What is “Kagurazaka” ? (2) How do we go to “Kagurazaka” ? (3) Introduction of my favorite restaurant in “Kagurazaka”  (3-1) “Tsujihan” serving delicious seafood Don (1) What is Kagurazaka ? Kagurazaka is a area in Shinjyuku-Ku Tokyo. Kagurazaka is compared to Montmartre in Paris because when we go into the detail of the area, we can find many hidden slopes and stairs. Previously, Kagurazaka was an area for very expensive restaurants and “Geisha”, but recently there are many cafes and French restaurants, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurats and so on where we can feel free to go into. …