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Introduction of “Tsujihan” a delicious seafood don restaurant in Kagurazaka area

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(1) What is “Kagurazaka” ?
(2) How do we go to “Kagurazaka” ?
(3) Introduction of my favorite restaurant in “Kagurazaka”
 (3-1) “Tsujihan” serving delicious seafood Don

(1) What is Kagurazaka ?

Kagurazaka is a area in Shinjyuku-Ku Tokyo. Kagurazaka is compared to Montmartre in Paris because when we go into the detail of the area, we can find many hidden slopes and stairs. Previously, Kagurazaka was an area for very expensive restaurants and “Geisha”, but recently there are many cafes and French restaurants, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurats and so on where we can feel free to go into. So Kagurazaka in nowdays is a mixture of Traditional Japanese atmosphere and French culture.

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(2) How do we go to Kagurazaka ?

Kagurazaka is about 5 minutes walk from the following stations.
(1) 5 min walk from Tokyo Metro – Tozai Line – Kagurazaka Station
(2) 5 min walk from Toei Subway – Oedo Line – Iidabashi Station
(3) 5 min walk from JR – Sobu Line – Iidabashi Station

Map URL: https://goo.gl/maps/W3V8RnZFdZjmN2j28

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(3) Introduction of my favorite restaurant in Kagurazaka

(3-1) “Tsujihan” serving delicious seafood Don

Map URL: https://goo.gl/maps/7k4zHCXW7e2KKoi4A

(a) Features about Tsujihan

Tsujihan is a restaurant of seafood don. The only meny is “Zeitaku-don” (Zeitaku means Luxury) and they have 4 ranks of the “Zeitaku-don”.

Ume/梅 ¥1080 (1)Tuna/まぐろ
(2)Tuna Rib/中落ち
(4)Herring roe/数の子
(7)Horse clam/ミル貝
(9)Salmon roe/いくら
Take/竹 ¥1480 In addition to (1)~(9) in Ume, “Crab” is added and also many “Salmon roe” is added.
Matsu/松 ¥1980 In addition to (1)~(9) in Ume, “Crab” and “Sea urchin” is added.
Top Grade/特上 ¥3500 In addition to (1)~(9) in Ume, “Crab” and many “Sea urchin” and many “Salmon roe” is added.


(b) Appearance & Interior design

This is a picture of the entrance. We can see “Noren” which is a Japanse traditional shop curtain.

This is a picture of the interior design. We have counter seats and the atmosphere is very quiet and we can settle down.


(c) How to eat Seafood Don in “Ttsujihan”

This is the picture of “Ume” seafood don. The mountain of seafood is very gorgeous.

We have couple of steps to eat the seafood don in Ttsujihan.
(1) First mix the soy sauce with wasabi and pour it in your seafood don when it’s delivered.

(2) Try the Sea bream but leave 2 pieces left for the sea bream soup comming later.

(3) Whenever you want, you can ask the staff to pour sea bream soup into your seafood don. You can also add some rice into it if you want.

(4) After the staff pours in the sea bream soup, you can put in the Sea bream you kept and eat together.

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